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What's Dreami?

You have big dreams. Dreami is here to help.

Dreami is a mentorship platform created to support all women in their careers. It’s simple--we match ambitious women to inspiring women leaders based on their background and goals. All you have to do is:

  • Take a quick quiz

    We take the time to learn about who you are and what you want to achieve.
    P.S. There are no wrong answers.

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    The fun part! We match you to the best possible mentor for your dreams and goals.

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    Just choose a time slot that works for you and hop on a Zoom call when it’s time. It’s that easy.

Women aren’t getting the support
they need in their career

Dreami is changing that

Mentors matter. Think of your mentor as your trusty guide as you navigate the trail of your career path. They’ve gone
through the downs and ups already and can give you the advice and feedback you can’t get by Googling.
But let’s let the numbers speak for itself:

  • 5x

    Career Advancement

    Those who have mentors are
    promoted 5x more often...

  • 5x

    Level Up

    ...and that comes 5x more likely
    increase in the salary pay grade

  • 60%

    On (the) Board

    Mentoring boosted female and
    minority representation at the
    management level by 60%

Meet some of our Dreami mentors

These are the mentors who are here to guide and
empower you to dream and achieve

“Having mentorship can really change how you see life.
I regret not having more conversations with mentors early on in life. Information is power and mentorship not only empowers but it also gives you a fresh perspective"

Finally, get the career guidance you need
so you can do more than dream.
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